The majority of coffee importers in the United States bring their beans in from Latin America and then re-brand their coffee packaging in such a way that obscures this fact. My plan is different: I want to give as much credit and recognition to these small Latin American farms as possible, making it absolutely clear where the coffee we sell at Cocotu.com is coming from.

An exclusive coffee merchant, I import coffee directly from small coffee farms in Latin America, working only in small batches of top-quality beans. My product comes in completed and ready for sale, all the roasting, packaging, and branding done in Latin America.

Having spent time on my partner farms in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic, I know how hard these farmers work to produce a world-class product. I plan on touring even more farms in the near future and developing an even wider range of offerings at my coffee online store. Because Bolivian and Peruvian work at a higher altitude, their coffees have a unique and distinct quality. This is the type of detail I care about.

The more I connect with these farmers, the more I feel responsible for giving credit where credit is due. I am proud of the exclusive, organic coffee that I offer at Cocotu.com, selecting only chemical-free, small-batch beans that are produced through sustainable means.

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